A new venture

When you wake up with a flash of an idea having a notepad on the bedside table is convenient. After fits and starts this may be the idea that clicks.
Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac was playing on the radio and the thought that this perhaps would work urged me out of bed to field a pen and begin an outline. What if a daily mix of quotes, links and inspiration for the teacher’s soul in all open thinkers would satisfy my urge to write, to share great ideas, and to encourage practitioners in the pursuit of their craft?

And so I will scaffold this blog as I try to decide if I can put enough into the venture to keep it going and to stay fresh. The site will evolve as I develop the tools, add the widgets and collect the content.

Let’s begin:

Harry Wong, in his seminal book The First Days of School says : “If you are going to be a teacher, you’ve got to know how to teach.” (p.xii) and from there he, with spouse Rosemary, develops a manual for becoming an effective teacher. As American culture changes, the role of the teacher changes too. The effective teacher in today’s ‘westernized’ PK-20 classroom knows the stage must be designed and the student instructed in the desired behavior to reach the goal of an educated pupil.

So then these are my “first days”, the site design, the standard driving the content, the audience envisioned and goal to create a community of practitioners sharing and encouraging the teacher-artist in us all.

I welcome comment, feedback and suggestions. I value diversity of opinion and thoughtful responses. I encourage connection.

Welcome to the inaugural post on the Educator’s Almanac!


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